5 Step Guide to Planning an Outdoor Movie Night for Your Residents .

This 5-step guide can help you plan an outdoor movie night at your apartment community that your residents won’t forget.

1. Get Your Equipment

Rent a DVD player, projector, speakers and a screen from a local audio shop. Be sure to test out the equipment before the night of your event.

Next, choose a movie. Pick a summer classic like Grease, a popular movie that was filmed in your city, or a new release. Or, get your residents involved in the selection process. Offer three options and allow residents to vote.

Also, consider what kind of seating you’ll provide for your guests, whether it’s blankets on the ground or folding chairs. If you don’t have many chairs on site, ask residents to bring their own.

2.  Plan the Food

What’s a movie without the snacks? Set up a “concession stand” with traditional movie theater fare like popcorn, candy and soda. Pinterest has some fun ideas for making things look fun and festive.

Source: Pinterest

If you’re on a tight budget, ask your residents to bring a snack or drink to share and make it a potluck.

3. Spread the Word

What’s a resident event without the residents? Promote your event to residents through a variety of different communication channels, such as:

  • Social media
  • Your resident newsletter
  • A link to more information in your email signature
  • Flyers in the elevators, laundry room, fitness center and any other common areas
  • Your online resident portal
  • Word of mouth – remind residents when they stop by your office

4. Have a Backup Plan

Summer weather can be unpredictable. Have a backup plan, whether it’s moving the event to a different date or moving the event indoors to your community room.

5. Take Photos

Designate a staff member (or a resident with a photography hobby) to take photos at your event. After the event is over, post these fun photos to your community’s Facebook and Instagram accounts (use the hashtag #instasummer on Instagram) to give people a taste of what it’s like to live in your community.

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