9 FSBOs Who Really, REALLY Could Use The Help Of A Real Estate Agent

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9 FSBOs Who Really, REALLY Could Use The Help Of A Real Estate Agent

Selling your home yourself is no walk in the park. From the marketing, to the inspections, to the negotiations… there’s a lot of moving parts. But that doesn’t deter some folks who vow to “save a buck” by doing it all themselves. The only problem? They end up costing themselves in the long run… both in dollars and in dignity. Here are 12 such people who definitely should have called a real estate agent.

Conventional real estate wisdom declares it’s best to buy the worst house on the best block… not the best mobile home in the entire area.

Via Craigslist

This ad says it all, because what else would you need to know other than it’s a house?

Via Craigslist

You know what we love about this ad for a duplex in Pittsburgh, PA? We love that the ad was placed in California. Why else brag about the lack of droughts?

Via Craigslist

Nothing says niche market like an ad for unsullied natural beauty that reaches out to preppers and someone who wants “mineral rights”.

No mention of what minerals are on the property or how one might collect mineral rights fees once the end of the world hits and only preppers are left.

Via Craigslist

You know what says “priced to sell” better than “priced to sell”? Tired landlord.

Realtors, next time you want to let buyers know that your clients are a) not going any lower, and b) you want this property off your plate pronto, roll out “tired” – how about Homeowners are tired of owning or realtor is tired of trying to sell this house?

Via Craigslist

The marketing fails don’t end with the craiglist ads. Get a load of these for sale sign blunders.

Disclosure is important when selling real estate, but there’s such a thing as “taking it a little too far”, buddy.

SaveFunny Real Estate Signs (15+ Pics)sarcasticsarcasms.blogspot.caSarcasm! Because beating the hell out of people is illegal!: Funny Real Estate Signs (15+ Pics)

And of course there’s the self-taken listing photos.

Some are topless…

SaveTop 7 worst real estate listings – Part 3 [PICS]Livabl

Others bottomless…

SaveTerrible real estate agent photographsterriblerealestateagentphotos.comBad real estate photos: A rare example from the Belgian surrealist school of performance artist estate agents, who work wearing only their underpants.

And some are even downright nude! Yikes!

SaveDo you see it?? LOL!!EXiT Realty CentralReal Estate Humor!

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