Celebrating Valentine’s Day in Your Apartment Community.

Holidays are a great time to show your residents you appreciate them, and Valentine’s Day is no exception. Pressed for time? No sweat! Read on for some simple, low-cost ideas for celebrating Valentine’s Day in your apartment community that you can pull together in no time.

Set Up a Snack Station

Set up a table in front of the leasing office for a couple hours and hand out Valentine’s Day treats to your residents (and prospective residents, too!). Cookies, cupcakes, heart-shaped lollipops or conversation hearts are all great options. Hang flyers in your community’s common areas to let residents know when they can stop by for a sweet treat.

Send Them a Greeting

Purchase Valentine’s Day cards in bulk, ask your staff members to sign the cards, and have your maintenance team slip one under each of your residents’ doors. I’m willing to bet your residents will enjoy getting a piece of mail that’s not a bill!

Display the Kids’ Artwork

Is your community home to lots of families with children? Print Valentine’s Day-themed coloring pages (Crayola offers some free, printable coloring pages on their website) and distribute to the children in your community. Ask the kids to return their completed artwork so you can display it in the leasing office for everyone to see.

Don’t forget to snap photos of your community’s Valentine’s Day festivities and share on your social media channels. Then, everyone can see how fun and festive your community is!

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