Chuckles & Chagrin

It is chuckles and chagrin while I review my last entry from March 2013 about my determined commitment to blog more often and regularly. I’m pretty positive the term “epic fail” applies here. Now, just shy of two years later, we are resuming our social presence and maybe, just maybe, we’ll maintain our post.

Facebook was the easiest to restart. A photo and quick word comes to mind and ta-dah, Facebook is good to go. Creating more ease of posting is our real estate listings, where photos and information are posted. We have some gorgeous listings right now! Visit Facebook or our website to see them.

Twitter came next. I find Twitter troublesome. I’m not a chatty individual and find abundant inanity in Twitter. Do we really need to know minute details about Justin Bieber or Miley Cyrus. Don’t get me wrong. I see people and agencies using Twitter quite effectively and informatively. I just haven’t found that niche but we’re giving it a try.

Now the blog’s turn. Sigh. I enjoy writing. I enjoy the format. I enjoy the depth a blog requires of its post. Let’s face it…blogging takes time and dedication. I hold the dedication, it’s time that creates an issue. Those with informative, humorous, and beautiful blogs have my utmost admiration and I’ll admit, a bit of envy. Writing blogs for a management company challenges me to keep it informative, not commercial, and hopefully interesting. Time and challenge aside, we’re back on track.

So we’re setting aside the paperwork-Shredder 1Putting our heads together-

HeadsAttacking the keyboard-

KeyboardAnd maybe, just maybe, we’ll post again before two years slip past us!


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