Efficiency In Total Rent


Advances in technology have helped property managers analyze and develop strategies to manage energy more efficiently to understand the art of rental costs and rent collection. Conducting tariff and rate analyses, and acting as the client`s agent to procure energy in markets, including the use of aggregation to increase purchasing power and all such matters is what is vested with the property manager. It also allows managers to set aside costs for individual tenants and allocate these costs based on actual tenant energy use and the ongoing market rates.

Harvey Rentals, in addition to the activity of advertising the unit and screening prospective tenants, also coordinate the implementation of the lease and collect rent. We process rents on a monthly basis. Property managers control this entire process so that landlords do not have to deal with tenants who do not want to pay their rent as agreed. We, being a property manager contact a late-paying tenant until payment is received. If a tenant does not pay as agreed, we can start the illegal eviction process. Having property management company work for you is of great benefit, as maintenance and repair requests and rent collection are the issues that prove to be where owners get the most difficulty and prefer using a management company. For offending tenants, management companies can be a remarkable help when it comes to pursuing proceedings or evicting tenants that do not pay or handling such matters.

We are engaged in the process of making the property available to the best of the users and thus we create ads customized to the property and go for advertising medium. Some of the mediums commonly used by us at Harvey Rental are:

    Paid and free rental listing websites
    Print publications
    Signs
    Collection applications

Therefore, our process can be summarized as below:

    Rent collection
    Receiving rent on monthly basis
    Hunting down late payments
    Sending out further pay or quit notices
    Enforcing late fees

Dealing with tenants can impose threats as it may or may not guarantee the owner fixed amount as promised on regular basis but making it done with the help of property management company can turn it into an easy task.

At Harvey Goodman Realtor, our priority goal is to get you the most out of your investment in property with the least amount of botheration on your part, because that’s what we’re here for. We employ a user-friendly platform to make communication speedy and secure.


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