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Cross-Device Measurement, “Native Ad” Simplification and Automation of Deal Terms to Boost Effectiveness of Online Marketing

Three important changes coming online at Google are going to help savvy hire a property manager Ohio more effectively advertise, evaluate results, and even ensure their advertising agreements are accurately carried out. Share the following information with your marketing people to be sure you’re exploiting these improvements to the fullest!

Cross-Device Measurement: improved analysis of advertising results

Your average prospect might use a variety of electronic devices over the course of a day: a laptop, iPad and mobile phone, for example.

So what happens if they see your ad on their laptop, but actually contact your property on their mobile phone? Until recently, Google Analytics would assign different Client ID’s to the laptop and phone, interpreting them as two different visitors. There would be nothing linking the lead back to its source, throwing off the measurement of results and ROI.

Naturally this problem has become worse as the use of multiple devices becomes the rule for most people, rather than the exception.

Google did go part of the way towards addressing the problem in 2013, when the company succeeded in linking its own Adwords ads across multiple devices. So if a prospect were to see your Google Adwords ad on their laptop at home and call the property later from their mobile phone, you’d know where the lead came from: Google would recognize this as a single person.

The bigger challenge, however, has been ads that appear across the Google network of third-party sites. If, for example, you are running not just Adwords ad that appear beside search terms results, but also banners that are syndicated by Google across their network of third-party websites, the banner leads could not be tracked across multiple devices.

Now, Google is making that happen. So for the first time, your measurement of results won’t be thrown off by a mix of devices, and you’ll be able to more accurately trace leads and leases to the ads that originated them, and tweak your campaigns to get maximum bang for your marketing bucks.

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