Your property’s online reputation is in the hands of your residents, and as it turns out, just a few reviews from grateful –or disgruntled – renters can drastically alter your ORA ranking.

There was a lot of moving around on the Top 50 between April and May. Most properties moved at least a few spots, but a few made leaps and bounds in their online reputation, like Three Willows Apartments in Richmond, Va. managed by Thalhimer that moved a total of 31 spots, up to No. 33.

One of the biggest drops on the list was Silverdale Ridge Apartments in Silverdale, Wash. managed by Dobler Management, which dropped a steep 17 spots from No. 21 to No. 38.

However, unlike last month’s update on the Top 50 rankings—where ORA scores were largely changed due to 5,888 properties being added to the data—only 700 properties were added between April and May, putting emphasis on the number of reviews and ratings on the sites.

It just goes to show even a few new reviews for an apartment can completely change a property’s online presence—and could ultimately determine whether a prospective renter will sign with you.

With six properties in the Top  50, Drucker and Falk continues to reign as the management company with the most properties in the ranking. Hawthorne Residential Partners came in a close second with five properties.

Has your property’s online reputation changed this month? Check out May’s ORA rankings below.