House not selling? Consider renting.

If your house is on the market, but it’s just sitting there, offer less, please don’t despair. We have many tips to help. However, our one selling solution to your selling woes, does require a prayer and a spade. We suggest burying a St. Joseph statue in your yard. Head down.

This could be considered superstition, even faith, whatever, but a growing number of people have turned to the “Patron of Real Estate,” in the hopes he’ll deliver. It’s about desperate times, which are always followed by desperate measures.

Bury the St. Joseph statue, head down, as we have said, but also facing in the direction that you want to move. According to this fabled real estate fact, the offers should start to pour in. If the offers still don’t come, don’t despair – Just rent!

We might know what we’re talking about, after all, we currently handle over 150 rentals in the Ohio Valley. We’re a full-service property management company. We take of everything, which might explain why our rentals are filled to capacity. Now, it’s time for us to reach out to you.

We receive constant inquiries about rentals from gas and oil executives. To help these hard-working people, and you, we need to find more rentals. Please call me! If you decide to rent your home, we can fill it; get your money, as we take special care of your investment. Rental rates for 3+ bedrooms range from $1500-$3500, in some areas.


Emily Shortall

Property Manager

740-695-3131 x 205

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