How Important Are Rental Incentives to Attracting Prospects?

After surveying more than 2,500 renters across the country to get a better understanding of why they choose to rent, what motivates them to move immediately and what matters most when deciding where to live, found renters are mostly realistic about rental incentives given competition for apartments is still so great.

When asked about the importance of rental incentives in 2014, renters said they help motivate, but they’re not a deal breaker for most. Here’s more on what renters said when asked about the importance of rental incentives when deciding on an apartment.

  • Nice to have but not a deal breaker: 33%
  • They’re one of a few key factors in deciding to move or stay put: 28%
  • I haven’t even seen any rental incentives during my apartment search: 20%
  • They’re critically important (make or break): 14%
  • I don’t care about rental incentives at all: 5%

Although rental incentives are few and far between, renters said a discount on rent and more space would motivate them to move immediately to a new apartment. For more insights on what matters most to renters in 2014, check out the infograph below.

Do you still offer incentives and concessions to attract prospects and retain residents? If so, tell us in the comments below.

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