How the NMHC 50 Managers Rank in Online Reputation

The NMHC 50 Managers may have the most units in their portfolios, but how well are they doing at keeping all those residents happy?


Just as we saw in our first round of the Online Reputation Assessment (ORA™) scores for the NMHC 50, size doesn’t really matter when it comes to a company’s online reputation. The smaller management companies listed on the 2015 NMHC 50 were just as likely to have high ORA™ scores as the larger firms.  In this issue of ORA™ Power Rankings we assess the performance of the NMHC 50 managers with regards to their online reputation as of October.

In the top 10 for ORA™ Scores, only two companies from the NMHC 50 top 10 made the cut, while four companies from the bottom 10 made the cut.

AvalonBay, Gables, and Aimco all made some strides in the past six months, making their way into the top 10 for the first time, at No. 1, No. 3, and No.5, respectively.

The ORA™ scores of the NMHC 50 also improved overall, from the top score of 68 in March to the top score of 76 in October.

Bozzuto (No. 2) and Drucker & Falk (No. 7), which both commonly have the most properties listed across our series, rank highly across their portfolios, with ORA™ scores of 72 and 67, respectively.

Overall, the NMHC 50 is doing slightly better with their online reputation than the rest of the country, with an average ORA™ of 56, compared with the national average of 54.

The ORA™ score, provided by J Turner Research, is based on a monthly, nationwide analysis of the online reputation of 55,000 plus apartment communities across a number of review sites.  This single score eliminates the ambiguity of measuring a property’s online reputation, as it offers a definitive measure of the property’s aggregated reviews across multiple ratings sites.


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