How to Handle Winter Hazards

Be Prepared

There is nothing worse than being unprepared for a snowstorm. Make sure you’re stocked up on winter supplies like shovels and ice melt. You will also want to check to make sure your snow blower is in good working order. Put a reminder on your calendar to do these things in the fall so you are prepared for early snowfalls.

Prevent Falls

Snow and ice can lead to slips and falls. Check with your city to see who is responsible for snow removal and when it has to happen. You can usually find this information on your city’s website. If you are responsible, make sure to clear snow from parking lots, common areas, walkways and emergency exit doorways. It’s also a good idea to distribute sand or ice melt as an extra precaution to prevent falls. You also need to decide if your own maintenance crew will handle snow removal or you’ll hire a third party to take care of it.

Prevent Pipe Freezes

When the forecast calls for falling temperatures, remind your residents to keep their heat at a certain temperature to prevent the pipes from freezing. In older buildings, opening a cabinet door to allow the pipes to stay warm and running a faucet on a slow trickle will also help prevent freezing. Communicate this information in several ways to make sure you reach everyone. Send an email to all residents, drop flyers at each unit and hang signs in common areas like the leasing office, clubhouse and fitness center.

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