Many industry members favor REO rental strategy

Amid discussions of how best to deal with the number of foreclosed homes currently in the inventories of the Federal Housing Administration and its sponsored enterprises, Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, HousingWire reports that panelists at the American Securitization Forum stated they are leaning toward rental conversions.

REO rental strategy

The idea of converting foreclosed homes into rental properties has been under discussion for some time, with some suggesting it would reduce inventory and help the market. The degree of government involvement in such a program has varied between proposals.

Individuals, including Federal Reserve Bank of Boston senior economist and policy advisor Paul Willen, have indicated such a plan might not be successful. According to Willen, the number of properties in circulation may essentially be unchanged and the program will not necessarily address the oversupply problem.

On the other hand, the source notes, the Federal Housing Finance Agency is already considering program structures that might be used if the government goes forward with an REO rental conversion plan.

Depending on the details, such a program could represent a chance for investors and property managers to get involved in a housing recovery while meeting consumer demand for rental accommodations.

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