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It’s fundamental and essential for property management professionals to find innovative ways to connect with prospects and generate business in a manner most efficient as it revolves around the processes, systems and manpower required to supervise the life cycle of rental housing properties, including possession, control, accountability, responsibility, maintenance, utilization and disposition and many more.

Having a requisite solution that can centralize and manage the full spectrum of the property operations can help one surpass the competition and grow the business as a leading one. For this very purpose, it is essential that the property manager may get involved in marketing programs, special promotions and other advertising strategies to the owner in order to maximize occupancy, possession and rental rates and get the party well aware of the property they are dealing in.

It is essential to develop multiple marketing channels to generate interest in the clients’ properties.


Helps in attracting interested buyers, sellers, tenants and investors with as marketing strategies helps in driving in prospective clients. Marketing the property on real estate websites helps in procuring real estate information on a wider scale.


Listing all the properties on our website help owners select the best applicant – not always the first applicant.


There are many specific laws set in place to govern a rental home and building property, essentially the Property Code and the best practice of using a lease agreement. Also the property managers know very well how to enforce the law in the most practical method possible. Thus dealing with them helps the owners in a lot of manners


Getting the home or any property rented might start with advertising and marketing, but the tenant screening process is essential as it is where we find the best person or people to put in our property. At Harvey Rentals we always welcome our owners to get involved in the process as they want to be and with this information we can ensure our properties are competitive. Our professionals are always there to look at all the applications that come in and spend efficient time reviewing them and screening them so we can pick out the best and ensure we get the best available tenant.

We advertise your property across hundreds of lead sources and thus making it available to the masses. So, let Harvey Goodman Realtor to serve you better and with the best.


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