Motivate Your Leasing Team in the “Slow Season”



Motivate Your Leasing TeamWe recognize that this time of year can be a naturally quieter time for traffic.  However, when we know that it is a “slow season” it becomes even more important for your leasing team to inject energy into their working week and be proactive in their activities so that their performance does not lag. Of course we set goals to achieve our business objectives. However, setting goals is sometimes the easy part.


We also need to ensure the right training is in place. This gives our employees the tools to do their jobs effectively and thus realize our business goals. A company that invests in an employee’s professional growth is really investing in its own business. Therefore it is essential to provide the leasing team with appropriate training and also to encourage the members to work on their professional development.


An important management practice is to maintain an open-door policy. Leasing people should feel comfortable communicating to their manager about job dissatisfactions. A good manager makes time to share concerns or give and take constructive feedback from their subordinates. In addition, if a manager becomes aware of an employee’s concerns, they have an opportunity to address any issues at an early stage. This can often resolve a situation before it has escalated. By taking control, the manager can also communicate the official company policy, if that is appropriate, or simply lend a receptive ear. Employees sometimes just want their feelings or concerns to be recognized and an available manager helps to fulfill that purpose. Knowing their manager supports them can be very beneficial to an employee’s morale, which in turn often leads to sustained or increased productivity.


One of the most popular ways of motivating our leasing teams especially at naturally quieter times is through incentive programs, which can be very effective. If targets are not being met however, it may be time to take a second look at our incentive program.


A good incentive program for the leasing team should include:


 Emily Goodman, CPM,ARM,CAPS

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