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The aim of Evaluation pertaining to valuation of property is to achieve the best educated guess of the transaction price of property. The market of specific properties is very dissimilar as property does not transact adequately often to allow the establishment of price by comparison with previously sold assets. It is necessary to do a proper evaluation of the property of the owner and to estimate the property price, information on as little as two comparable properties is required before getting involved into any property. The method takes into account a number of different criteria, such as qualitative, quantitative aspects and market conditions.

We pay special attention towards inspection services includes documenting the interior & exterior condition of the home while before it is put into rental opening. Our inspections include detailed photos of the inside and outside of the home and points out to any areas of concern and take necessary steps towards making your properties run more efficiently.

There are people who may have properties for investment purpose and some may have their properties where they would have lived and now renting it out. It is the wise thing to do to leave the property to a trusted hand and the property management company is the best option for that. As things change people have started to seek professional help.

Harvey Rentals marks it as a priority to keep your property monitored and protected. So, Act now. Protect your property and we guarantee that our investigation is designed to maximize the return on your portfolio



We will visit the property.

Will conduct a health-check on your portfolio to prioritize the key aspects where we can make your properties run more efficiently.

Any concerns on specific issues regarding the property will be highlighted to will pay notice to it.

If the property is not secured – we can arrange for Fencing etc so that before putting it into investment or renting it out, it is appreciated.

Service Fees:

The Fee depends on the work involved. Contact Us for details.

Harvey Goodman Realtor is a full service Property Management Company. Before we begin managing your portfolio, one of our partners will meet with you to evaluate the current status of your property portfolio. We will pay special attention towards the key aspects where we can make your properties run more efficiently. We will then customize a management program that will achieve our aim to eliminate the hindrance part in the property deal and maximize the return on the portfolio.

We work with communities to significantly reposition troubled properties. The distinctive result of such efforts is that high-quality, affordable property is returned to the community yielding high return.


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