Rent Versus Buy – Rent an Apartment or Buy a Home.

Rent an Apartment or Buy a HomeFor quite a while I have been amassing a list of resources that compares the cost of renting an apartment versus buying a home, renting versus buying calculators, or other articles that detail the advantages of renting.  If you have any other “rent versus buy” resources, please add them in the comments.

CNN:  Renting: The new American dream?

New York Post:  Home Sweet Rental – No Longer Buying Into The American Dream

NMHC:  Renting versus Owning? Making an Educated Decision

The Cost of Buying a Home Over 30 Years

Why Own When You Can Rent?

Four Letters Ease Housing Fears For Some: Rent

Homeownership Is Overrated

MIT Center For Real Estate:  Better Off Renting?

Trulia Rent Vs. Buy Index

New York Times:  Is It Better To Buy or Rent – Renting Versus Buying Calculator

CNN Money:  Renting: The new American dream?

The Washington Post:  5 Myths About Homeownership

NPR:  Housing Guy Apologizes for Housing Bubble
“It was not until the spring of 2008, just months before Freddie would be bailed out by the federal government, that (Freddie Mac economist Jacob) Kosoff began to question his fundamental belief that owning a home was better than renting.”

TIME Magazine:  The Case Against Homeownership
“Homeownership has let us down. For generations, Americans believed that owning a home was an axiomatic good. Our political leaders hammered home the point. […]  But our leaders, with our encouragement, went much too far. The dark side of homeownership is now all too apparent.”

Renting Vs. Buying:  New Evidence Emerges & Informs Housing Policy

Overcoming Opposition to Multifamily Rental Housing

This video is a take on Apple’s Superbowl ad, “1984” that visualizes the shattering the idea that home ownership is the path to the “American Dream”

[video: 433×300]

If you have any additional rent versus buy articles or renting versus buying calculators, please share them in the comments below!

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