Gas and Oil Executive Housing – New Construction

Live in these luxurious rental home located just off Route 40 in beautiful Saint Clairsville, OH.

Our rentals team are experts in oil and gas housing and are here to deliver the rental you need at a price that’s right. Whether you’re a manager looking after your crew or a worker who wants something better than a bunkhouse or hotel, we can help.

We deliver exceptionally comfortable oil and gas housing in Saint Clairsville and the greater Ohio Valley area. What better way to reward yourself after a hard day at work than coming home to a fully furnished apartment of your own?

Not only is our oil and gas housing more private than a camp or bunkhouse and larger than a hotel room, it’s cheaper than a hotel too!

The oil and gas industry is experiencing something of a resurgence as shale and new finds boost output. New fields and new refineries all need qualified crews to maintain productivity and those crews need somewhere to live. That’s where we comes in.

All our oil and gas housing include:

We can help find a short-term rental for individuals or entire crews. With a range of locations across the Ohio Valley and beyond there isn’t much we can’t find. Every property we source is of the highest quality, offers excellent value for money and is ideally located for workers.

Location isn’t just about being close to work. It’s also about being close to buddies and city amenities too.  Hotel rooms and camps can’t offer that!

If your idea of kicking back after a day’s work is closing the door on the world and enjoying a beer in peace, we can help. today for cost-effective oil and gas housing that delivers!


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