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Steubenville Ohio property management for prospects and residents, the inability to reach an apartment community when they need information or assistance is frustrating. Add sitting on hold and unanswered emails or voicemails to that experience, and you’ve potentially lost a lead (or an opportunity to build trust with an existing resident).

According to a recent study, Americans are fed up with poor customer service. In its July 2015 article “The Problem with Customer Service Consumer Reports lists customers’ biggest complaints, which include:

With the need for instant gratification increasing among consumers, the divide between good and bad customer service is growing. If your property is not ready to answer the call of the prospects and residents, they will look elsewhere.

What does this mean for the multifamily marketer?

Keep prospects and residents from running to the property down the street. Devote more resources to enlisting the help of expert call representatives empowered to help prospects find and lease with you, and who can address resident needs around the clock.

With a world-class contact center, you can lease more apartments and keep residents happy by taking your apartment marketing initiatives to the next level:

1. Stop Missing Leads

There’s no point in spending advertising dollars to get prospects to call the property’s office if no one is picking up the phone. Leasing agents are often missing as many as 60 percent of incoming calls – and chances are high those callers won’t be calling back.  A well-staffed, 24/7 contact center can provide professional, around-the-clock coverage to boost and generate more leads for your property. The RealPage Contact Center offers Instant Call Reply, a service that follows up with prospects, capturing opportunities you would otherwise be missing.

2. Keep Residents Happy  

The speed of response to service requests is a huge factor in how residents can perceive a property—which directly correlates to how they talk about it with others, including your prospects. A contact center has the potential to give current residents the attention they deserve within the timeframe expected. The right contact center never misses a call, can prioritize requests, and provide a prompt follow-up, day or night.   

3. Answer Questions with Knowledge  

When prospects reach out to a property, they expect a certain level of expertise and knowledge to tackle their biggest questions and concerns. A well-trained, proficient contact center can offer callers specific, pertinent information about properties and can respond to questions with authority when staff is unavailable. This makes the whole experience seamless for renters and prospects and saves time for property managers.

4. Meet Business Needs    

Do you only want coverage when the leasing office is closed? Not a problem. The most effective contact centers are adaptable, allowing properties the flexibility to select the types of services to leverage. These services can range from the ability to monitor ticket volume, examine maintenance response times and isolate trends. With a contact center, the freedom of choice stays with the property manager.

Provide Unmatched Services to Prospects and Residents

A third-party contact center is an extension of your leasing office, helping property managers lease more apartments and keeping residents happy. Find out how the RealPage Contact Center helps you lease more by professionally handling your calls via phone, email, and chat 24/7.

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