Survey Reveals Ghoulish Renter Plans for Halloween.

To find out what types of wickedly fun times renters are anticipating for Halloween, conducted a national survey of more than 1,200 renters. Findings reveal half of renters are planning to stay home this year, while the other half are either going out or hosting a spooktacular party.

Halloween fun is no longer just for homeowners, as many renters also dress up in costumes and welcome trick-or-treaters. Nearly half of renters surveyed plan to decorate their apartments for Halloween. In some large apartment communities, kids and adults won’t even need to leave their buildings to have a festive and ghoulish holiday experience.

This Halloween, 44% of renters believe they’ll get at least 10 trick-or-treaters, an increase from the 31% who said 10 or more trick-or-treaters came to their doors last year. Additional findings, include:

  • Most renters are giving out candy! 41% are planning to hand out candy in person this year, and 13% will leave treats in a bowl outside their door. Meanwhile, 35% of renters aren’t giving out candy because they don’t think they’ll get any trick-or-treaters, while only 11% are meanies (they’re not giving out treats just because they don’t feel like it).
  • Chocolate reigns supreme! Of the renters who are planning to hand out candy, 73% are giving out chocolate. Renters could choose more than one type of candy, and 33% said they will give out non-chocolate candy while 27% will provide healthy snacks. Only 3% of renters are planning to send their trick-or-treaters away with money. Ka-ching! Also, 58% of renters are planning to buy trick-or-treat candy that they like, so they can eat it too. A third of renters are purchasing candy strictly for trick-or-treaters, while 9% are giving out candy they dislike so they won’t be tempted to eat it.
  • Michael Meyers is still the scariest of all time…but some renters are too afraid to even watch! When asked to choose their favorite scary movie, the top five responses renters gave were:
  1. Halloween
  2. None – “I don’t like scary movies”
  3. The Exorcist
  4. The Silence of the Lambs
  5. A Nightmare on Elm Street
  • Some renters must think they’re pretty scary… or else, they’re just lazy. asked renters what they’re planning to dress up as this Halloween. The most popular costumes for renters in 2014 are:
  1. Witch
  2. Myself – “that’s scary enough!”
  3. Cat (or Catwomen)
  4. Tie between Bat (or Batman), Zombie, Pirate and Vampire
  5. Ghost

Some very specific and interesting renter costume plans include dressing up as Bamm-Bamm, a Flying Squirrel, Lady Gaga, Martha Stewart and a Teletubby.

Do you throw Halloween parties for residents or coordinate a trick-or treat program at your apartment community? If so, tell us how you celebrate Halloween in the comment below.

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