Things you need to know as a property manager that they won’t teach you in a classroom.

Things you need to know as a property manager

For those of you who know me or have read my blog, you know that I am a huge proponent of professional development and industry education. However, there are just certain things that you are not going to learn in a classroom about the multifamily management business. The following are meant to be lighthearted so I hope no one takes offense.

1) You will need to set a limit as to how many times a disgruntled person can drop the “f” bomb on you before its time to end the conversation

2) If you have a property with 1 or more lakes you could end up knowing more about swans and geese and their feces than you ever thought appropriate

3) You no longer will have a “normal scope of vision” you will find yourself looking at buildings and properties in which you have no affiliation and find yourself making “punch lists” in your head

4) You will at some point have a conversation with someone about dog poo that may or may not end in a threat to DNA test said poo.

5) Someone will call you and tell you that there is a ghost living with them and actually expect you to “resolve” the issue…….. I recommend calling an exterminator.

6) You will hear every excuse in the book as to where the rent check got lost….”the dog ate it” may be one of the most believable

7) You will start to annoy yourself after the two hundredth time you have quoted the lease language verbatim.

8) You will have to write a noise complaint letter addressing the ‚Äúsounds of passion” that are keeping the neighbors up

9) Someone WILL use the bathroom in the model apartment even if you have the doors removed.

10) No 2 days are ever the same and there will always be a situation that catches you off guard. Being a property manager means always expecting the unexpected and that’s why we love our jobs!

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