Tips on Being a Modern Apartment Community

Unless, of course, you get creative in your approach. Short of a full makeover and recreating of your apartment interiors, there are still plenty of ways you can update their style while drawing closer to that oft-desired modern aesthetic.
Upgrade appliances 
Appliances can be an expensive upgrade, but when stove, refrigerators and microwaves start to wear down and show their age, they’re a sight for sore eyes. Making the necessary upgrades to these appliances will win over residents that may have grown tired of dealing with finicky stoves.
And there may be ways for you to make such an upgrade work for your property as a whole. If your community currently pays for certain utilities, such as electricity or gas, you could reduce your monthly bills by installing high-efficiency appliances. In doing so, you increase your property appeal while possibly reducing your own long-term costs.
Brighten the bathroom 
Kitchens and bathrooms often make or break an apartment unit for many renters. According to experts, if you’re going to try to modernize, the bathroom is a prime focal point that can make a big splash with prospective residents. Brighten the walls with white or light-colored paint, giving the room an open, clean feel. Upgrade fixtures to chrome or stainless steel, and polish any older surfaces to give them a new, clean look. A clean, trendy bathroom will help prospective residents visualize life in the unit, creating appeal that will boost occupancy rates.
Invest in tech 
Most residents now want Internet service in their apartment. By building in free wi-fi service to all of your residential units, you can demonstrate just how modern your property is – and how well you pay attention to resident desires, according to experts. Large communities can often get a discount on these services, making them more affordable than what consumers would pay by getting the service on their own.
Meanwhile, residents don’t have to worry about setting up their service – it can be ready right when they walk through the door. And with Internet access available to all of your residents, it might be more easy to push Web-based innovations like online payments, emailed newsletters, online maintenance request forms and other services that simplify the living experience for residents and management alike.
When considering your community’s potential to modernize, keep in mind that it isn’t always about fashion and flair. Today’s residents are increasingly tech-minded and eager to simplify, and communities that accommodate these wants will have an easier time filling their units.

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