Top Five Property Management Websites

By Tracey March

Do you ever wonder which property management websites have the most useful information?

Here’s a collection of the Top Five Property Management Websites we seek out the most when we have questions about rental property, landlords, tenants, leases, and other property management-related issues. We thought you might be interested in checking out these favorite go-to sites–in addition to,of course,!

Bigger Pockets Blog

Screenshot of blog.

Screenshot of blog.

The Bigger Pockets blog touts itself as an online real estate magazine, but it’s actually more specialized than that: it focuses on helping regular people who want to know more about investing in real estate, and it also gives advice on what to do with your investment rental property once you own it.

Those who are part of the network write the blog posts. Topics for rental property owners run the gamut, and include landlord tenant tips, landlord and renters insurance, tenant security deposits, evictions, how to rent your house, tenant screening advice, and much more. You’ll find also loads of investment advice, including a free Beginner’s Guide to Real Estate Investing, tips on how to rent your investment property and negotiate real estate deals, information about buying foreclosure properties, and other useful information.

Property Management Insider

Screenshot of Property Management Insider homepage.

Screenshot of Property Management Insider homepage.

Property Management Insider is more focused on providing news and information for the multi-family industry, but many of the articles and information are relevant to other types of rental properties.

The Property Management section of the site is updated about once or twice a week, and includes information such as landscaping for apartment properties, how to get your property management career started, resident retention, and whether your rental property should be smoke free.

The site also has useful sections on:

  • Multi-Family Research: where are the growth markets?
  • Revenue and Pricing: should you increase your rental rates?
  • Expense Management: how to reduce energy and utilities bills, high cost of allowing smoking, should you require renters insurance?
  • Apartment Marketing: how can you use the Internet to market your business and rental properties?

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