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A business of property management involves a number of activities from settling down the clients with the best of properties and at the same time getting involved in evicting the tenants when certain conditions with certain rules are not followed. A tenant may be evicted for failing to pay rent, for violating the lease in a significant manner, or for staying in the property after the lease has been terminated.

In the most common cases, it is the non-payment of rent. Thus the landlord must give the tenant notice to quit the premises. If the tenant doesn’t leave, the landlord may begin the court process and what is being practiced by us.
After filing a complaint with the court, which the tenant will receive, and who will also be summoned to respond and appear at a court hearing the further process is initiated and we make it sure to mark our presence personally in all the hearings held in court. If the tenant does not respond or appear at the hearing, the court will decide for the landlord.

If the landlord wins, the court will give him a writ of possession, allowing him to retake the property and evict the tenant. The landlord must then give his writ to the local sheriff and we personally work with the best eviction attorneys in the city who will then be authorized to forcibly remove the tenant, if necessary.
Evictions are very serious, and if you’re preparing to evict a tenant for the first time, it’s critical that you understand how to handle the process but we do everything possible to prevent eviction but when this is necessary we are briefed and fully prepared to come out with the right path. We fully understand the seriousness of the matter and in order to protect the best interests of our client its essential to know what legal grounds exist for an eviction.


Lease agreement made and sign with a tenant exists to protect the best interests and it is considered within our rights to start the eviction process if there’s a direct and continued violation of agreed upon terms in the agreement.


The most common event of occurrence of eviction is when tenants fail to pay rent or recurrently pay late. Consistent delayed payments are almost always grounds for eviction. We are in habit of keeping a paper trail of late payments. All of this documentation can be used in legal proceedings and help to bring the property in our favor.


Unnecessary property damage (broken windows, etc.) may result to start the eviction process. We give reasonable consideration to tenant’s theory, and take necessary decisions accordingly.

At Harvey Goodman Realtor, we understand being a property-owner isn’t always easy task. That’s why we make it our responsibility to handle all the tasks for our clients and focus on recovery of the lost rent, eviction costs and any expenses related to repairs.

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