What to Look for in a Pet-Friendly Apartment Community

Apartment Hunting

Searching for a new pad can be tough. But if you’re the owner of a dog or cat, looking for a new apartment can be even more challenging. You’ll have a whole new set of criteria you need to keep in mind when you’re hunting for a place to live. We spoke with two property managers and one pet-sitting business owner to get the lowdown on what you should look for if you’re a pet owner or potential pet owner.
If you think you might get a pet, it’s important that you live in a pet-friendly community so you won’t have to move to accommodate your new furry (or non-furry) pal.

You Can Go All Out If You Want To

Many apartment properties now feature top-notch amenities for pet owners. If you can afford it, consider renting a place with pet perks.
“Rental properties are adding luxury for all residents and pets by providing amenities such as in-home groomers, dog tracks, dog parks, etc. Brodsky is taking it a step further by creating a new unique community-based program to connect the community with our residents. We have partnered with dog-walking apps, pet boarding, and pet groomers. Brodsky also offers an in-home veterinarian who is a text away,” says Alex Arroyo, events manager of The Brodsky Organization, a company manages 60 rental buildings in Manhattan, Morningside Heights, and Downtown Brooklyn.

Know Where Specifically You Can Bring Your Pet

“Make sure you know where your pet is welcome on the property. Is there enough space in the apartment, hallways, elevators, and building entrances/exits? Are pets required to access all entrances/exits, building amenities and elevators?” says Arroyo. Many pets are not allowed in community gyms or by the pool area. Check before you walk your dog.

Location to Pet-Friendly Amenities

Jessica Martin, the property manager of McHenry Row apartments in Baltimore, Maryland, advises living in a place that’s close to dog boarding, grooming, vet care, and supplies.

Walking Paths

Martin also recommends searching for a place that’s near a dog-friendly park and in a neighborhood where you feel safe walking your dog at all hours. It can be a nice park if your apartment building has waste bags and places to walk your dog on the property. Martin also advises observing the cleanliness of the community to ensure there’s no debris or broken glass.

Find the Right Apartment

If you have a pet that sheds, tile can be easier to clean than carpet. Likewise, if you know you’d rather not walk your dog multiple times per day, you might want to consider renting an apartment on the ground floor so you just have to open a door to let them out.

Review the Terms of the Lease

Liz Illig, owner of the Phoenix, Arizona-based Puff & Fluff Grooming and Pet Sitting, recommends reviewing the terms of the lease to ensure this is the right pet-friendly community for you and your furry friend. Many communities have weight or even breed restrictions. If you’re on a tight budget, pay attention to how much the pet deposit costs too to ensure you can afford it. She also advises checking with the leasing staff to see what other pets live on the property. Check the noise ordinances too. If your dogs are prone to barking, it might be best to live in a quieter area of the apartment community.
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Search for a Place That Loves Your Pet

“Your building must love your pet. They’re family. Ensure that the property you are working with is completely pet-friendly. Even if you are looking to own a pet in the future, find out what the appropriate steps are,” says Arroyo. You’ll want to find a place that welcomes you as much as your furry friend.
Additionally, here are some handy tips on how to adjust your lifestyle to match your pet’s!

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