Why do Managers say this to their technicians?

Why do Managers say this to their technicians
I just got back from traveling all over the country speaking to different groups on several topics and conducting maintenance certification seminars. At the end of most certification courses such as CPO, CFC, HVAC and each student has to successfully pass an exam to get their certification.

This year, noticeably more than the past few years, I have had quite a few technicians come to me and say “My Manager told me if I fail I need to look for another job”. “What can I do if I fail and can I take the test again?”

Now I am a huge believer in setting goals and holding people accountable but I find it hard to believe how anyone can think threatening someone with their employment is an effective way to motivate someone to pass a certification exam right before they go to the class.

Imagine if the roles were reversed! I would like to know your thoughts on this and what you have found to be effective and how you approach and handle it.

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