The fee for our regular property management services is a straight 10% of the gross rent. Our clients appreciate this transparency and the absence of any hidden charges.

If maintenance or construction work is carried out we provide a detailed quote so that our clients fully understand the cost of work prior right from the outset.

Property Management Fee Table

Basic Services

Your Monthly fixed rate will not change and will still include all of the following:

Lease Up Fee Standard rental fee of one-year leases with still stay the same of an amount equal to 1 months rent. 1-year renewal fees will be charged each year a tenant renews.

Hourly Services

Additional Services

 $200 – $300 per cleaning per apartment/house up to 2 bedrooms. $50 per additional bedroom. Some Turnover cleaning service will be variable.

*All hourly service is billed with a one-hour minimum charge Monday – Friday 9 am-6 pm. Emergency maintenance, requiring a visit to the property, Monday -Friday 6 pm-9 am, Weekends and legal holidays, is a 2-hour minimum charge. Any non-emergency maintenance will be handled during normal business hours. There is no up charge for materials required for regular maintenance.