The fee for our regular property management services is a straight 10% of the gross rent. Our clients appreciate this transparency and the absence of any hidden charges.

If maintenance or construction work is carried out we provide a detailed quote so that our clients fully understand the cost of work prior right from the outset.

Property Management Fee Table

  • Basic Services – Your Monthly fixed rate will not change and will still include all of the following:
    • Online rent collection from tenants and electronic payment to the owner.
    • 24/7 Emergency Service
    • Fielding and handling maintenance and repairs
    • Advertising/Marketing of properties for rent
    • Tenant selection and screening

    Lease Up Fee Standard rental fee of one-year leases with still stay the same of an amount equal to 1 months rent. 1-year renewal fees will be charged each year a tenant renews.

    Hourly Services

    • Regular Maintenance – $45-$65 per hour depending on complexity of the job

    * Includes most electrical and plumbing work

    • Snow and ice removal – Typical charge is $55 per hour for removal/salting of front steps/sidewalk. Plowing if needed will always be variable.
    • Electrician – $85 per hour*
    • Plumber – $105 per hour*

    Additional Services

    • Apartment Cleaning Service– $200 – $300 per cleaning per apartment/house up to 2 bedrooms. $50 per additional bedroom. Some Turnover cleaning service will be variable.

    *All hourly service is billed with a one-hour minimum charge Monday – Friday 9 am-6 pm. Emergency maintenance, requiring a visit to the property, Monday -Friday 6 pm-9 am, Weekends and legal holidays, is a 2-hour minimum charge. Any non-emergency maintenance will be handled during normal business hours. There is no up charge for materials required for regular maintenance.

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