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Emily Shortall has been nominated for Go Red for Women’s Woman of Impact campaign. She is now looking for backers for American Heart Association and has launched a Fundraiser campaign.St. Clairsville, OH, USA –…Monday, March 7th 2022, 3:41 PM CSTSponsored: Advertising ContentEmily Shortall has been nominated for Go Red for Women’s Woman of Impact campaign. She is now looking for backers for American Heart Association and has launched a Fundraiser campaign.

St. Clairsville, OH, USA – According to the data released by American Heart Association, heart disease is the leading killer of women in the U.S., killing one in three women every year. Research findings indicate heart attacks are on the rise in younger women. The study further suggests that younger generations of women, Gen Z and Millennials, along with Black and Hispanic women, are less likely to be aware of their greatest health threat, including knowing the warning signs of heart attacks and strokes.

Emily Shortall, who has been nominated as an ambassador for AHA’s Go Red for Women movement, is determined to spread awareness about the disease among young girls and other women in her local community. To support her mission, she has launched a Fundraiser campaign.

“I’m excited to be nominated for Go Red for Women’s Woman of Impact campaign,” says Emily. “As part of this year’s class of changemakers, I’ve brought together a team working to make the most significant impact possible on women’s health. We will be raising much-needed funds for the American Heart Association and working to improve the health of our communities. I hope we can count on your support.”

Emily’s team focuses on preventing heart disease and stroke by increasing fitness, creating an active lifestyle, and sports for females of all ages. They hope to partner with other organizations to break the barriers that prevent kids from participating in sports and also to motivate girls to continue in sports.

Emily is passionate about sports and is a lifelong athlete. She wants to use the Women of Impact campaign to encourage more girls and young women to participate in sports.

“Research shows that only one in three women has returned to a sport after Covid. The benefits for girls in sports, in general, are higher self-esteem, better self-image, more self-confidence, and lower rates of depression,” explains Emily. “Girls in sports also develop leadership skills, self-reliance, and discipline. In addition, girls that play sports learn how to function as part of a team. Research has concluded that 94% of executive-level women in the business world played a competitive sport in school.”

As part of this initiative, Emily and her team will visit the local schools to get to know the programs the schools have in place and identify any obstacles preventing girls from playing sports. They will recommend additional sports activities to boost participation from girls.

Emily points out that the number of women’s coaches is lacking in the Ohio Valley. To address this issue, Emily plans to hold a women-only coach training session open to Ohio Valley schools. She believes that girls will be more active in sports if they have a robust female role model to emulate. To overcome cost barriers for participation, Emily has brought onboard local businesses who have agreed to fund participants in need-based families with equipment or registration fees.

Emily says that she is truly inspired by her father, who passed away recently due to a lung infection. Emily recalls that her father suffered from a severe cardiac disease that he fought with for a major part of his life. She is grateful to American Heart Association that played a significant role in caring for her father for several years.

To support Emily’s initiative, head over to the Fundraiser Campaign page located on the web at:

Backers from any country can become a part of this initiative by making generous donations online. More details about the campaign are available on the Fundraiser campaign page.

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