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What Is The Harvey Goodman Realtor Way Of Doing Things?

Harvey Goodman Realtor is a full service Property Management Company. Before we begin managing any portfolio,one of our partners meets with each client to evaluate the condition of their portfolio. Similar to when your doctor conducts a physical to determine your overall physical health, Harvey Goodman Realtor conducts a diagnostic to determine which areas of your portfolio will benefit greatest from attention. We will then customize a management program to eliminate any existing problems that are preventing your properties from achieving their potential.

Why Rent Through Us?

Harvey Goodman Realtor offers market-leading technology and expertise to both our clients and residents. Our people are some of the best professionals in the business, which means that our level of service is second to none. Our processes are streamlined for efficiency and we utilize a range of highly skilled contractors so that both our clients and residents can be assured of well-maintained properties.

Frequently Asked Questions

Review some FAQs, it might sort out your confusion. If you have any other queries. Let us know through the Contact Form. 

What Are The Fees?

View details of our fees

What Is Your Collection Process?

Learn more about how we follow up late payment of rent

How Do You Deal With Maintenance Issues?

Read about our maintenance service

How Does Harvey Goodman Realtor Screen Residents?

We perform a credit check, criminal background check, employment verification check, and examine applicants’ rental/mortgage backgrounds.

How Does Harvey Goodman Realtor Market Our Properties?

See our marketing services

Can I Access My Account Online?

Yes – you have 24-hour account access. You can view invoices, statements and changes to your account online in real time, whenever you want, wherever you are.

What Happens If A Tenant Has To Be Evicted?

Learn more about our eviction process

Harvey Goodman Property Management

Harvey Goodman is your one-stop-shop solution for your property needs. We manage a variety of property types across our portfolio, both commercial and residential. We offer rental property to relocating individuals and families, prospective purchasers waiting to find their dream home, those in our area on a temporary basis as well as those looking for commercial/office space. For sellers, our rental properties offer a comfortable place to stay after your sale or between homes. Our apartments are generally leased on a yearly basis with lessees having the option to terminate the lease early when purchasing a new home or property from a Harvey Goodman Realtor

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